Combat Sport Athlete Services

The services we provide our fighters

Personal Branding & Social Media

Social Media Optimization Kit

Our Social Media team has established a document that helps our clients to maximize their productivity through their social platforms. This document has tips and tricks through the major social media outlets.

Media Kit Creation

We develop a media kit for each one of our clients that will help them to market to the brands we aim to develop sponsorships and endorsements to.

On-Demand Consulting Calls

Through our built in Consulting Directory. Our clients have the ability to schedule calls with our Branding and Marketing teams at their discretion to ask questions and brainstorm.

Social Justice Leadership Consulting

Our Director of Diversity & Inclusion, Phil Posley takes an active role in developing our clients social strategy. We want to aid our clients in developing a better world for tomorrow through utilizing the platforms they have earned.

Interview Coaching

Being in front of the camera is incredibly important as a combat athlete. Learning how to ‘work the mic’ can be the difference between getting that next fight and selling tickets. We have coaches on hand who can help the athlete to understand charisma and the power within.

Fight Game

Fight Booking & Scheduling

Here at HFSE we understand that not every fight is the right one. We work hard to fight the right promotion, and the right pairing to help grow your career. We have networks across America that gives us many options to place the clients in the right bout at the right time.

Fight Camp Prep

Camp can be confusing without the right team around you. At HFSE we customize your camp prep to ensure you are focusing in the right places at the right time. We dial this in based on the strengths and weaknesses of our client ensuring they are ready to go when the time comes.

Strength & Conditioning

Our trainers at AKA devise a specified strength and conditioning program for our clients that ensure they are in peak physical condition when they get in the ring or octagon. We customize that plan to each individual fighter.

Weight Cut & Rehydration

HFSE has a deep fighting history that can comfortably say, have been there. We dial in the weight cut coming into weigh ins, then meticulously rehydrate to ensure our clients are ready for war when they step into the fight.

Endorsement Sourcing

Finding, Negotiating and Fulfilling Endorsement Deals

We have a dedicated team that finds brands for sponsorship deals for our athletes. We do this through a targeted philosophy helping brands to achieve their marketing goals while simultaneously generating income for our clients

On-Demand Endorsement Representative

Our agents and sales team are available around the clock to answer questions our clients may have regarding their sponsorship and endorsement deals

Wealth Management

Custom Investment Portfolios

Our team at Hoskin Capital work with our clients to develop portfolios that fit their goals along with investing in companies that meet our clients ethical standards

Fiscal Literacy Coaching

Money Moves is our seminars we host exclusively for our clients to help them with the things they need to know about growing their wealth and staying financially healthy

1 on 1 Consulting

Nate over at Hoskin Capital have scheduling capabilities through our Directory where our clients are able to go ahead and schedule calls with them at their convenience.

Business Development

Coaching Clinics

Our clients are incredibly talented at their craft. We encourage them to explore the idea of coaching to generate additional income. This could also be developed as a charitable event. Our clients could coach in 1 on 1 lessons or full clinics during their off season. We support them by helping on waivers, liability advising, marketing and logistics.


We have partnerships with both PWRFWD and Bonfire in which our clients are able to start their own clothing lines come out with custom merch for their fans

Non - Profit Creation

Giving back to the community is important to many of our clients. We want to facilitate that gift and provide assistance in their endeavors to change their communities.

Legal Assistance

Professional Contract Negotiation

When we have the fights locked in, our legal department will work on the contract to ensure our clients are taken care of in their fight. Fight contracts can be unique so it is important to have experienced individuals in your corner.

Off-Field Contract Review

Sponsorships and Endorsements can come with rigorous contractual terms. We ensure our clients understand every word of the contract and agree to the terms before signing.

Promotional Guidance

Fight promotion in fighting has a unique set of sponsors and rules. We work with the client to ensure they understand what they can and can't do and say. We pride ourselves on keeping our clients contractually and legally safe.

Immigration and Visa Guidance

HFSE has a team of Immigraation Attorneys who work to ensure our international clients can come to the US to participate in sport whether that be a P1, H1B, F1 visa or alike.