Women’s Soccer Representation

The services we provide to our Women’s Soccer Athletes

Legal Assistance

Professional Contract Negotiation

Our talented agents are experts in their field. We work diligently to find solutions in our negotiations where our clients can walk away excited. We are creative, fair, and pride ourselves on coming to agreements that all parties are happy with.

Off-Field Contract Review

Sponsorships and Endorsements can come with rigorous contractual terms. We ensure our clients understand every word of the contract and agree to the terms before signing.

League Compliance

Many professional leagues have rules and regulations surrounding their endorsement protocols. HFSE ensures the deals you are signing are valid and do not conflict with any league rules.

Immigration and Visa Guidance

HFSE has a team of Immigration Attorneys who work to ensure our international clients can come to the US to participate in sport whether that be a P1, H1B, F1 visa or alike.

Business Development

Coaching Clinics

Our clients are incredibly talented at their craft. We encourage them to explore the idea of coaching to generate additional income. This could also be developed as a charitable event. Our clients could coach in 1 on 1 lessons or full clinics during their off season. We support them by helping on waivers, liability advising, marketing and logistics.

Brand Deveopment

We work closely with our athletes to map out their personal brand. We acknowledge that with the platform they are creating on the field, it comes with opportunities off of the field. This comes with a social media optimization plan, PR development and guidelines on sponsorship endorsement activation.